Symposium on Patterns and Dynamics in Multiphase and Interface Flows: Nov 15-16th 2018, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

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Symposium Description:

Fluid patterns that arise either spontaneously or from imposed potential occur in many physical  situations ranging from environmental flows to materials processing. The workshop will feature talks by international experts on patterns related to interfacial flows, extreme flows, particulate flows, and suspension flows. These areas have been chosen for the wide range of length and time scales as well as their technological applications. Two-phase and multiphase flows are key to processes including additive manufacturing, printing, coating, fuel combustion, pipeline transport, nuclear cooling, concentrated solar power, aircraft de-icing, and food preservation, among many others. This symposium will address major issues in fluid interfaces and contact-lines from two perspectives. The speakers will represent a diverse group of engineers and applied physicists.