Phong Pham

Phong Pham

Phong Pham

Ph.D. Student in Chemical Engineering,
University of Florida

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University, 2011

Phone : (352) 281 – 9907
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Address : Address : 416 Chemical Engineering Building. University of Florida, USA

PhD. Project: Shear induced diffusion, heat transfer enhancement and mixing enhancement in sheared suspension and cloud of particles in a periodic shear flow.

In pure liquid, the shear applies on viscous fluid back and forth, the particles come back to their original positions and this process is reversible . In suspension, the particles rapidly diffuse which enhance the mixing.

In the cloud experiment, the particles stretch along the flow at lower volume fraction and it rotates at higher volume fraction which performs galaxy pattern.

The work is carried out in collaboration with Polytech-Marseille, France